City Council to decide on including Hamlin Park improvements in Parks measure: comment now

The City Council will meet on July 29th to decide whether or not to include improvements to Briarcrest (Hamlin), Brugger’s Bog, Hillwood, and Richmond Highlands Parks as part of a parks improvements funding measure.  The City Council has been supportive of putting a bond measure before the voters for funding a Aquatics, Recreation and Community Center (ARCC) but is undecided about other park improvements.

On Monday, July 29th the City Council is expected to take final action to put a bond measure on the November 5, 2019 ballot.  They will be selecting from two options: one option includes only the ARCC which would cost $85.7 million; the other option includes the ARCC plus improvements to four parks – Briarcrest (Hamlin), Brugger’s Bog, Hillwood, and Richmond Highlands which would add $17.9 million.  The staff report is here if you would like more details.  Staff have recommended these parks since they did not receive improvements from the 2006 parks levy, serve a mix of neighborhoods, and provide new amenities including nature trails, splash pads and a fully accessible, all ages playground for people with physical and mental challenges, and may enhance the sense of community.

The financial impact on a median valued home in Shoreline for just the ARCC would be $16 per month.  With the park improvements the impact would be $20 per month – an increase of $4 per month.

The City Council has heard some comments from the Hillwood neighborhood about support for including Hillwood Park, but has not heard from Briarcrest, Ballinger, or Richmond Highlands about the importance, or not, of including improvements to your parks on a ballot measure.  The improvements that would be funded include:

Brugger’s Bog: Relocated playground with swing set, multi-sports court, picnic shelter, restroom, added landscaping, perimeter trail,  sidewalk

Richmond Highland: Fully accessible all-ages playground, multi-sport court, picnic shelter, perimeter trail, sensory trail, sidewalks

Hillwood: Multi-sport court, expanded play area with adventure features, splash-pad, picnic shelter, landscaping, perimeter trail

Briarcrest (Hamlin):  Enhanced entrance, play area, splash-pad, community garden, picnic shelter, great lawn, perimeter trail

You should feel comfortable/encouraged to share your thoughts directly with the City Council by Monday, July 29th as they prepare to make this big decision for the City.  You can come and make public comment at the City Council meeting on July 29th at 7 p.m. or you can comment via email to the City Council at  They would be particularly interested in hearing from you and others in your neighborhood about the importance, or not, of including park improvements with the ARCC on a ballot measure.