Marvelous storytelling evenings

The last BNA storytelling evening, on Sept. 8, was perhaps our best yet, with 9 stories of extreme variety. Tellers had prepared well, and the listeners were  appreciative and enthusiastic.  We heard two folk tales, one about a guru and an amusing one from Korea; personal stories about the Beatles, a stubborn child, a memorable day in Yemen, and immigrating from Lebanon to the U.S.; a scary campfire story with a twist; a lively mostly-mimed incident from an English summer; and a narrative from a cave in France 14,000 years ago. What a smorgasbord!

Our next such evening will be Friday, Nov. 3, 7:00-9:00. As usual, Jon and Amy Anscher are generously hosting at 16010 25th Ave NE. There’s plenty of parking across the street in the east Hamlin Park lot.

Come to listen or to tell a story, not to exceed 7 minutes. Tellers should practice and time themselves beforehand. Bring a treat to share if you wish.

Join us for another evening of wonderful stories! Everyone is welcome!